The elastic community supports a large number of open source connectors across all of the conventional critical business systems: CMS, Email, Collaboration, Ticketing, Research and File Archival, etc. Typical examples of supported connectors include: Sharepoint, Drupal, Jive, Kafka, IMAP/POP3, Logstash, Generic JDBC, MongoDB, etc. Providers in the Elastic space (like us!) are building frameworks that support the aggregation of available connectors, integration of in-house value-add connectors, and enhancement of core search with analytics, workflow, and NLP features that are then made available in a UI.

Our HybridValley Discovery platform integrates with all of the available community connectors, but we’ve also developed in-house connectors specific to ServiceNow, Thomson One, Capital IQ, TransUnion, and a handful of other large-scale systems and schemas. We’ve built a high capacity document ingestions pipeline (that integrates Apache Tika) for importing, processing and indexing files and file attachments from many sources (S3, Email, Sharepoint, shared drives, RMS, etc). Ultimately processed information is displayed in our UI as unified search results; but we also support practice area categorization, dynamic topic discovery and navigation, relevancy adjustment based on user feedback, domain specific vocabularies to drive insight and analysis, topic expert identification and collaboration.