Turning Unstructured Data into Catalysts

Discovery drastically reduces the time needed to process large amounts of narrative research content and focus deeply on only highly relevant content.

What Makes Discovery Special

HybridValley is curing large-scale data problems inside enterprises and breaking down silos between departments with cognitive insights which is built using open source systems and commodity infrastructure for maximum flexibility and minimum lock-in.

Reclaim Access to Legacy Data

Shine a light on the dark hidden data within your enterprise and drive new insights and test old assumptions

Cognitive Search

Discovery combines lighting fast result generation with the most accurate search and relevancy algorithms in the industry to present users with immediate value.

Company Wide Collaboration

Share with your peers and extend the impact of your insights. Discovery makes your data active so that it works on your behalf, round the clock, to uncover new highly relevant content related to your opportunities, interest, and risk.

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Active Data To Make Better Decisions

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