HV Discovery Partner Program


Partner with an Industry Leading Knowledge Management Platform and Further Streamline your Operations 

The HV Discovery Partner Program is the global partner program for HybridValley. We are focused on providing our Partner Program ecosystem with the most powerful AI-powered Knowledge Management and Integrated Analytics solution. 

By becoming a member of the HV Discovery Partner Program your organization will develop margin-rich revenue streams while utilizing your existing industry experience and customer expertise. Advantages include:

  •  The opportunity to present a world class knowledge management platform to your existing customer base; integrated functionality includes knowledge management and discovery, search, analytics, data science, and massive data ingestions capabilities (IoT).
  • The confidence in presenting a system built entirely on open technologies and commodity infrastructure.
  • Unlimited access to world-class partner support that only a boutique firm with deep domain expertise can provide; we give every partner of ours every advantage, including: sales and pre-sales support under your corporate branding, ongoing partner support, hyper responsive technical support and issue resolution, maintenance and monitoring, etc.
  • The assurance of dedicated domestic teams for deployment management, solutions and strategy during critical phases of your customer rollouts.


Benefits of being an HV Discovery Partner


KM Market opportunity – Our Adaptive KM Solution enables you to penetrate multiple industries with multiple solutions, providing you with a broad range of business opportunities.
Support Enablement– HV Discovery is committed to furnishing your organization with comprehensive training and dedicated marketing, sales, and technical resources. Together, we provide your clients the best solution for Knowledge Management
Product Usage – HV Discovery offers its partners the right to use our product for demonstration and marketing.
Channel management – You manage and grow your own customers, including new ones that you acquire, ensuring long-term revenue streams and we will be right by your side to ensure you have everything you need to excel at servicing your clients.

Who Should Join?

The HV Discovery Partner Program is open to Value-added Resellers, Managed Service Providers, System Integrators and DistributorsTo become a partner or for more information please contact us at info@hybridvalley.com