HV Discovery is built using open source systems and commodity infrastructure for maximum flexibility and minimum lock-in.

Knowledge Discovery

Shine a light on the dark hidden data within your enterprise.
Unified Search Results are consistent across the entire universe of legacy systems and data formats.
Reclaim access to legacy data that has slipped into the opaque corners of existing enterprise data management infrastructure.
Collaborate with peers across business boundaries to efficiently leverage the knowledge and expertise of existing team members.
User Centric Exploration of corporate collateral provides a highly interactive experience for uncovering new knowledge within the organization.

Practical Machine Learning

Drive new insights and test old assumptions.
Dynamically Discover Topics of interest or importance to the organization; navigate all enterprise data by discovered topic clusters.
Automatically Adjust Relevancy based on user feedback, ratings, annotation and preference.
Domain Specific Vocabularies drive result relevancy, filter behavior, topic generation and content categorization across all data sources.
Incorporate Custom Models or generate them from training sets based on existing corporate data sets.

Integrated Analytics

Instantly import datasets, match friends with insights across business boundaries.
Instantly Import New Tabular Data into the systems for analysis, reporting, data mining.
Integrate Statistical Trends and Predictions with Unstructured Content to tie relevant content from widely differing sources together based on categories.
Drive Unique Visualization based on centralized data and derived data sets.
Match Predictions to trending topics, themes or categories.