Improve the Relationship between your business and data with HV Discovery

The Industry Leading Platform for Knowledge Discovery and Integrated Analytics


Through Discovery and Admin tools, Enterprise administrators can monitor usage and adoption in one intuitive and effcient interface.


Allows researchers and investigators to intuitvely and effciently navigate and explore information consolidated in the platform with minimum training.


Backed by AWS security: our infrastructure meets the most rigorous enterprise IT security requirements (S0C2 Type II Certified).


Built on AWS infrastructure to enable your Enterprise to deploy additional capacity to meet future storage and compute needs.


Includes automatic auto-scaling capabilities that enable users to perform complex and varied functions concurrently without impacting the user experience.


Hosted on AWS, with multiple-region backup for maximum redundancy. Our system has maintained greater than 99% availability since inception.

Core of HV Discovery

The HybridValley Discovery integrated suite of platform components is a cloud-based offering comprised of three core functional domains:
  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Big Data and Internet of Things

Knowledge Management

Ingestion of unstructured content into the platform.

Management of its storage and archival; the indexing, cataloging, and retrieval of ingested content.

The Application of vocabulary models to managed content for categorization.

Routing and Reporting.

Automated Adjustments of models based on new information available to the platform.

Data Science and Analytics

The rapid introduction of columnar data into the platform.

The cataloging and formatting of data integration with standard SQL and structured data reporting tools.

Data Transformation.

Data visualization via open protocols and convention.

Big Data and Internet of Things

The ingestion or importation of massive data, streaming or in bulk.
Integration with massively distributed devices.
Summary and transformation of time series data.
Integrated analytics leveraging HybridValley Discovery Data Science and Analytics components.

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