Turn Challenges into Actionable Insights.

Cure Data Blindness

  • All your data on one research discovery platform
  • Dynamic search via MECE, sift, sort, funnel navigation

Use a precision Tool

  • Our proprietary NLP engine extracts & understands key phrases & context
  • Nuanced Sentiment Analytics increase research & predictive accuracy
  • Solve your unique challenges with customized AI & back testing

Enhance Your Competitive Advantage

  • Not your competitors Big Data soultion
  • 100% focused on YOUR unique challenges – 100% utility

Enterprises Benefits

We empower you with Big Data & AI Solutions that align with your objectives and unlock insights unique to you and win with data!

Drive on ROI from unused dark data

Predictive Analytics Designed For You

Increase X-Team Collaboration & Insights

Nuanced Sentiment Included

Personal Account/ Development Team

Unlimited Users

You're In Good Company

Multiple Global Consulting Firms

  • Increased ROI, Productivity and Client Service

Multiple Global Investment Banks

  • Efficient Accurate Stock Ownership Attribution via Ai driven Notification

High Profile StartUps

  • Pinpoint accurate Risk Assessment for Private Equity & Large Companies

All of your content unified into one platform

Curing large-scale data blindness inside enterprises and breaking down silos between departments with cognitive insights by creating a single source of truth for your data for any search needs

Fine tuned for different teams with different needs

Relevant to any company, flexible for any teams. Whether SharePoint, Github, BitBucket for your engineering and support teams, or HubSpot, Salesforce and Dropbox for your marketing and sales teams, you can fine-tune results to ensure that every team in your company has the search engine that they need to be successful.

Feature Rich to solve the common search challenges

Cognitive Search

HybridONE combines lightning fast result generation with the most accurate search and relevancy algorithms in the industry to present users with immediate value

Quantextual Anallytics

HybridONE provides an array of metrics out of the box (Sentiment, Financial Sentiment, Risk, Deceptive Language, Bias ,etc.). It also supports your own custom metrics (e.g.) Credit Risk for Consumer Goods, Custom Tech Sector Sentiment, etc).

Company Wide Collaboration

Share with your peers and extend the impact of your insights. HybridONE makes your data active so that it works on your behalf, round the clock, to uncover new highly relevant content related to your opportunities, interests and risk.

Intuitive Interface

Learning curves are overrated. Get started quickly, without having to learn any new tricks.

Advanced Keyword Detection

Automatically filter results based on keywords detected in your search queries.

Highly-tuned Relevance

The pre-tuned engine is optimized for relevant search right from the start, no tinkering necessary.

Built to scale - future proof with exceptional relevance

HybridONE is powered by Elasticsearch, so you don’t have to sacrifice real-time speed for volume. As you connect more data sources and fine-tune your results, your deployment scales out with you. Users need their results quickly, no matter how many documents they're searching through.

Cure Data Blindness Now