The HybridValley Approach takes into Account:

Stakeholder Frustration

Your team has devoted time and resources to an effort and HyridValley always looks Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s.

Vendor Challenges

If a vendor is still involved – we’ll work with them to right-size the project. If they’re not well assess status and use our deep tech expertise to give you a clear path to success

Broken Budgets

HybridValley will ensure you rescue much of your investment by assessing and delivering a roadmap that meets milestones and turns non-functioning or unemployable software into tech that works in a financially responsible way

Ripple Effect Pressure

Downstream delays in technology, messaging and client servicing goals caused by broken processes and tech

Our Process


HybridValley experts collaborate with cient experts to understand the business requirements and problem domain of the orignal project.


HybridValley experts perform an in-depth evaluation of the current project, inducing all technical collateral, to determine: quality and feasibi├╝ty for use, alignment with business requirements, scope of rescue, and an action plan for moving forward.

Communicate & ACT

HybridValley will communicate and help socialize the action plan developed the Evaluation Stage. HybridValley will then act using all the appropriate resources to meet client objectives with robust, functioning software.


HybridValley will put into Production the fully functional application or system that was produced during the iterative build phase, and the client with on-boarding and system adoption monitoring as the software rolls out.

Project Rescue 360 for fortune 500 - Case Study

HybridValley employs highly seasoned professionals who understand your Busness requirements and problem domains in freat detail and depth

Fortune 500 Case Study

The situation

The system exhibited a great deal of complexity, and the project was failing in nearly every aspect. The business stakeholders had lost all confidence in the delivery team and the delivery team itselfwas in complete disarray. Senior management expectations were unfullfilled which resulted in a pressure to deliver – and delivery could not be met. A cycle of pressure, haste, failure was in full effect.


HybridValley’s senior project team members met with the project stakeholders to deeply understand the purpose of the system; its requirements; and the problems that the new system would alleviate. They also sought to understand the current technical state of the project. During this phase HybridValley uncovered several behaviors symptomatic of failing projects:

Hybrid Valley mandates that our team understands your project goals and vision and those of all key stakeholders to ensure a successful 360 Technical Rescue

Large scale data mining for evaluation of existing customer data against criteria for automated marketing outreach for Fortune 500 clients

Event and notification generation for the data mining results to internal stakeholders

Dashboard reporting and monitoring of marketing campaign outreach from candidate identification through outreach

Outreach via a configurable set of digital media (email text portal messages)

Challenges Uncovered

Intense pressure resulted in reactive project management with “point and click” development. Requirements were not properly groomed to an actionable state in an effort to save time and money. The result was a complete disconnect between the technical and business teams – a situation that usually results in churn, failure and heartache.

Project mismanagement triggered the departure of key development personnel – personnel who understood the technical vision (architectural patterns, etc.)

Critical product documentation was cut to save time when the schedule started to slip

The technology (code, architecture, etc.) lacked modularity, unit-tests, or consistent style, (“spaghetti code”) due to less than skilled tech craftsmenship and the lack of proper business requirements gathering at the start of the project

No technology management strategy for deployment and version management


HybridValley employs highly seasoned professionals who understand your Busness requirements and problem domains in great detail and depth

Assumed Responsibility for the Delivery of the System

This diffused and calmed any existing stress on the company and stakeholders. Hybrid Valley was now accountable from this point on.

Set A fresh start scheduele:

HybridValley took all project and stakeholder needs into consideration as well as project status/condition and set a fresh start schedule for the project management and delivery teams. The process of rebuilding trust with the stakeholders begins with a fresh start and a reasonable plan for achieving well defined success.

Managed and Executed the Schedule

HybridValley believes in transparency and delivered working technology to a User Acceptance Environment for stakeholders and business users to evaluate. Rapid iteration gave key stakeholders a chance to review and correct any faulty assumptions as soon as they surface.

Corrected unprofessional Deployment or technical collateral Managment

Corrected Defective or Low-Quality Components

Resued and reused as much exisitung code as possible

Deployed a working system to production for deneral use by Key Stakeholders

Acted & Delivered Results

HybridValley executed four sprints over an eight-week development window and corrected the technical problems within the existing system. The result was the release of a working viable product to a final User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment.

At the end of each sprint, working code was deployed into the UAT environment for evaluation by the UAT team (stakeholders and select target users).

After final acceptance testing was cleared, the system was deployed into the Production environment and made available to users for daily operation.

Within twelve weeks the client was up and running with successful campaigns based on mined information and monitored by internal marketing teams.